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100 Points of Light - 2007


Ever since the Columban Fathers began their mission in China, they have had to deal with and work with members of non-Christian faiths.

As they expanded into other mission countries, some of which were majority non-Christian, the Columbans encountered Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and many other religious groups.

100 Points of Light - 2006


Columban Father Oliver “Oli” McCrossan served in the Philippines since shortly after his ordination in 1975.

The native of County Donegal, Ireland organized and sponsored many economic and personal development programs in the Philippines, including promotion of organic, sustainable agriculture and work with people with disabilities.

100 Points of Light - 2005


Australian Father Warren H. Kinne has served in places as far-flung as the Philippines, Rome, and his most recent assignment, China.

In June 2005, Father Kinne held a dinner discussion with a group of his friends in Shanghai, China about migrant workers in that country.

100 Points of Light - 2004


With the exception of China, the nation for which the Society originally received its charter, the Philippines was the first Asian country where the Columbans established a mission.

By 2004, the Columban Fathers had maintained their presence continuously in the Philippines for 75 years.

100 Points of Light - 2003


The Southeast Asian country of Burma was one of the early nations apart from China where the Columbans established a mission in 1936. Unfortunately, the xenophobic Burmese military dictatorship kicked out the last Columbans from that country in 1979.

By 2003, nearly a quarter-century had passed since this expulsion, and much had occurred in Burma, including the change of the country’s name to Myanmar.

100 Points of Light - 2002


As the 21st century began, the Columbans were approaching the 50th anniversary of their presence in the countries of Fiji and Peru.

In the late 1950s, Bishop Victor Foley, the Marist bishop of Fiji, asked the Columbans for help, and the first Columban Fathers arrived there in February 1952.

In the summer of 1952, the first Columban Fathers arrived in Lima, Peru.

100 Points of Light 2001


In 2001, just weeks before the devastating attacks of September 11, gunmen murdered 57-year-old Columban Father Michael Anthony “Rufus” Halley in the southern Philippines island of Mindanao.

A native of County Waterford, Ireland, Father Halley had served the vast majority of his mission career in the troubled region of the southern Philippines.

100 Points of Light - 2000


As a new millennium dawned, the Columbans looked back on their achievements in the 20th century, while similarly casting an eye to the future of the Society.

The much-feared Y2K disaster never occurred, but much political and social change had taken place all over the world, and within the Society itself.


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