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1928 - 100 Points of Light


The Vincentian Fathers of France had maintained a mission presence in China for many years. By 1928, the Columbans had established and made a name for themselves in China, and the Society was growing.

The Vincentians and the Holy See saw an opportunity to hand off some of their territory to the Columbans, while the Vincentians focused on other regions of China.

1926 - 100 Points of Light


Columban co-founder Father John Blowick originated the idea of an order of Columban Sisters in 1918.

He found a willing associate in Lady Frances Moloney, a Dublin resident and widow, who had expressed interest in a religious vocation and even founding a new order of nuns.

1924 – 100 Points of Light


The Columbans continued their development of the campus at Silver Creek throughout early 1924, with an eye to making Silver Creek their center in the Eastern U.S.A.

The Bishop of Buffalo blessed the Saint Columban’s Preparatory College at Silver Creek in the autumn of 1924, on the Feast of the Holy Rosary.

1923 – 100 Points of Light


1923 was a crucial, momentous, and in some ways tragic year for the budding Missionary Society of Saint Columban.

Conditions in China, including disease, bandit attacks, and political unrest were taking their toll on the Columbans in China, as were international political and economic troubles. Nonetheless, the Society was growing and positive steps were occurring.

1922 - 100 Points of Light


Construction on the Columban seminary in Bellevue, Nebraska proceeded throughout late 1921 and the first half of 1922, under the direction of Columban Father Edward J. McCarthy.

An illustrious dedication ceremony took place on June 29, 1922, led by Archbishop Jeremiah J. Harty of Omaha, and included dozens of Catholic clergy, nuns, and other religious, along with many other dignitaries.

1921 - 100 Points of Light


After some problematic negotiations, the Columbans finally managed to buy the Bellevue campus in mid-1921, with plans to construct a seminary there.

Archbishop Jeremiah J. Harty of Omaha led a ceremony for the laying of the cornerstone of the Columban seminary on September 8, 1921, and construction began in earnest.

1920 - 100 Points of Light


After a great deal of preparation, along with the requisite setbacks and problems, in 1920 the first group of Columban Fathers left their familiar surroundings to fulfill the mission in China for which they were commissioned.

The Holy See assigned the Columbans to the city of Hanyang in the Chinese province of Hupeh in December 1919 (Far East, August 1920).

1919 – 100 Points of Light


As 1919 rolled around, the nascent Columban Fathers were beginning to shape their organization, and they now had a facility in Ireland for their work.

The Columbans had purchased a long-abandoned property in the townland of Shrule, County Mayo, in Ireland’s picturesque West Coast region.

There they established the seminary of Dalgan Park, which served as a training college for future Columban priests.


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