Fall Interns are Eager to Begin Service

October 3, 2011

Please welcome our new group of interns, working with us from September to December. Our interns learn to share in our mission of advocating for social justice issues and exploring the legislative process through the lens of their faith. Every term, our interns learn what it means to cross borders – of culture, language, ideas, and understanding. This fall, many of our interns come to us having already learned about crossing some of these borders. Simply by their presence, we will witness the multi-cultural nature of mission.  Migration is one of our top two priorities and these interns have experiences to share from their own lives. Read below to learn more about each of them.

Heather Arkwright

Name: Heather Arkwright
Assigned Issue: Migration/Border
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
School/Major: Communications and Minor
in Political Science at American University.
Most looking forward to: Learning more about immigration and immigration reform. I am excited to work in the field, since that is where I ultimately want my career to end up.

Paul Wyman

Name: Paul Wyman
Assigned Issue: Environmental Justice
Hometown: Greenbelt, Maryland
School/Major: Environmental Science and Policy at the University of Maryland College Park
Most looking forward to: Participating in work towards the cause of Environmental Justice and I hope to make a difference through positive contributions to the values of Catholic social teaching.

John Ampiah-Addison

Name: John Ampiah-Addison
Assigned Issue: Economic Justice (Trade, debt, budget)
Hometown: Originally from Ghana and currently live in Gaithersburg, Maryland
School/Major: Economics at American University Most looking forward to: Finding out how my work at CCAO can help make life better for the poor.

Hank Pin

Name: Hank Pin
Assigned Issue: Economic Justice (Food, Water, GMOs)
Hometown: Originally from Taiwan; currently from Los Angeles, CA
School/Major: International Relations at American University
Most looking forward to: Learning more about Catholic social activism and the Columban Fathers from this internship

Nancy Bello

Name: Nancy Bello
Assigned Issue: Extractive Industries, Lomas del Poleo
Hometown: Santiago Chile
Career: Human Relations and Family Counselor at the Institute in Chile Carlos Casanueva Most looking forward to: Learning more about the different problems that affect people, especially on issues of social justice.