For the people

October 3, 2011

For the people who

love our church or basically

the faith we have been given, I write

out of my own hurt.

Though I belong willingly

I find I now utterly reject

the malignant tumor of power

I grew up in that turned

our Father into a monster demanding

submission or sin or in more prosaic terms:

“shape up, cough up, and shut up”.

It is through God´s grace in the powerless

that I have come to know God´s Kingdom

which goes way beyond democracy to

the fraternity the Jewish powerful rejected;

the early Church wouldn´t  tolerate and

with Constantine´s help pulled away from

to begin its decadence into power.

Maintaining its hold through obedience or sin

until a most un- Pope like character,  John XXIII,

gave us a glimpse of Church

as Christ himself understood it:

A Kingdom of shared dignity, of service

across the board, of salvation not manipulation.

This is the Church I shall die in.

-Fr. Leo Donnelly