Climate Change and its Results Affect Us All

By: Paul Wyman
October 4, 2011

Paul Wyman

Climate change and its results affect us all. From the Great Plains to Northern Europe to the world over, we all have a role to contribute in effectively reducing our impact on God’s creation. Care for God’s creation is one of the Catholic Social Teaching values that resonate with me so dearly. That value has propelled me into Environmental Policy and is one that stood out with this internship.

I recently represented the Columban Center at a meeting concerning clean energy and how it can be used to revitalize our environment and our economy. Experts from the Midwest and Germany came together at the meeting to discuss how they can learn from each other to better initiate reforms in clean energy and provide economic opportunities in the process. This meeting of experts from two different parts of the world illustrates a sense of unity in caring for God’s creation and the people in it.

It brought another Catholic Social teaching value to mind: solidarity. The organizations presented a  united front in their efforts to improve God’s creation with cleaner sources of energy, while also aiming towards reducing energy usage and consumption, in the process saving precious resources for everyone. While opinions differed on how to implement these reforms, the solidarity in efforts to reduce climate change and preserve our planet are shared and recognized by the Columban Center. I feel the efforts to reduce the impacts upon our planet are commendable, and while there is much that still needs to be done in terms of implementing these efforts, it’s a start towards a clean planet and protection for God’s creation for generations to come.