Faith Encounters the Ecological Crisis

October 6, 2011

The Columban Mission Center in El Paso began an 8-week Just Matters course entitled “Faith Encounters the Ecological Crisis”. The course is being facilitated by Columban Father, Bill Morton and is offered through the Young Adult Ministry of the Diocese of El Paso.  It is designed around the book “Living Beyond the ‘End of the World,’ A Spirituality of Hope” by Margaret Swedish.

There are ten participants in the course including Tracy Horan who participated in the Columban Burren projet in Ireland this summer.

The course is deeply rooted in prayer, honest and respectful dialogue and the best information available about how we can begin the process of changing our lifestyles and working to help heal some of the damage we’ve done to the beautiful planet God created.  We will be looking at science, politics, the economy, lifestyle and culture and especially as Catholics at how our own life of faith and openness to conversion can impact the crisis.

If you’re interested in learning more about Just Faith/Just Matters you can check out the following link: