The Feast of St. Francis

By Paul Wyman – Environmental Justice Intern
October 14, 2011

Paul Wyman

The Feast of St. Francis is celebrated in October.  Saint Francis, patron saint for the environment, preached about praising God through loving the animals and all of God’s creation.. He recognized that humans, as part of God’s creation, must help to ensure the future survival of all of God’s creatures. Remembering the example of St. Francis, the Columban Center, in partnership with the Catholic Coalition on Climate Change, calls on everyone to sign the St. Francis pledge. It is a five-step promise composed of five elements: prayer, learning, assessing, action, and advocacy.

You can sign the pledge here. From assessing our carbon foot print to recycling more, to writing letters to our members of Congress, we all can do our part at reducing the impacts felt upon the environment. We can continue the work of St. Francis and protect God’s creation.