Inter-faith Faithful Budget Campaign

By John Ampiah-Addison – Economic Justice Intern
October 14, 2011

John Ampiah-Addison

The Columbans and other Catholic organizations turn to Catholic Social Teaching and its preferential option for those who are poor to guide us in our work on the federal budget. Other faiths involved in this effort have similar teachings in their traditions, which allow us to speak together in one voice. The Faithful Budget Campaign, a project of the Washington Interfaith Community, continues its work to create awareness about potential cuts to federal programs that would be harmful to those who are poor, at home and abroad.

President Obama has charged a ‘’Super” Committee, or Joint Select Committee, with the responsibility of coming up with a debt reduction plan to specify which programs to cut and by how much. Following the success of the daily prayer vigils in the summer, the Inter-faith community has instituted weekly prayer vigils, which began during the last week of September and will continue into October. The vigils will be held in Washington, DC and in the states/districts of the members on the “Super” Committee.  The vigils will resume on a daily basis in November and the CCAO will lead one of those vigils. The interfaith community will make every effort to protect those who are poor.