News from El Paso

By Heather Arkwright and Fr. Bob Mosher
October 14, 2011

Bob Mosher

Heather Arkwright

In El Paso, the Columbans continue educating the community about migration.  On October 15th, a group of 12 students from Creighton University will arrive and spend a week in the Border Exposure Program, which will provide meetings with various local diocesan, government, judicial, police and volunteer organizations.  The students will see how the lives of migrants fleeing violence and poverty in Mexico are affected, and will also have a chance to speak with the migrants themselves and the residents of Juarez.

The University of Texas in El Paso (UTEP) will be hosting a conference from October 11th through 14th in which speakers will address the situation of drugs and violence in Mexico.  Several Columbans will be attending.