If Christ had one Kingdom message

November 1, 2011

If Christ had one Kingdom message

that drove the powerful and wealthy

among the Jews absolutely bonkers,

it was:  Show Me,

how you treat the prostitutes,

other than by stoning them to death;

how you treat the illiterates,

other than by despising them;

how you treat the economic poor,

other than by squeezing taxes out of them;

how you treat the darker skinned

peasant farmers other than by regarding them

simply as ostracized sinners outside of the pail,

how you treat the sick, the infirm, the crippled,

the mentally ill, the poor wretches in gaol;

how you treat the “nobodies”,  and all of those

whom you regard as such, and I shall quote

my own mother, a domestic servant as a child of 12

until at 22 she married a gardener:

Show me how you treat the people who serve you,

and I´ll tell you the person you are.

Columban Fr. Leo Donnelly lives and works in Peru.