Caring for the Poor in Times of Difficulty

By: John Ampiah-Addison
November 7, 2011

John Ampiah-Addison

As the deadline for the federal deficit-reduction plan looms, the Super Committee has not been able to come up with any recommendation yet. The first meeting in months did not yield anything but only resulted in a deadlock—each party holding out on their priorities. There will be cuts across all departments if the Committee fails to come up with a recommendation. Faith groups are making every effort from holding prayer vigils to phoning politicians to make sure safety net programs for the poor are protected.

God calls on us to care for and serve the poor and needy. As a civil society we are tasked with this responsibility and I hope the committee members will understand this message and protect safety net programs for the poor. We are facing difficult times but no matter what happens, we should make sure taking care of the poor stays at the top of our list of priorities.