The Occupy Movement

By Michelle Melcher Knight – Advocacy Associate
December 16, 2011

Columbans around the U.S. are taking notice of the Occupy movement. The updates from our centers are full of news surrounding Occupy of various cities. Here in the D.C. office, we have visited OccupyDC several times and have been very impressed with their organization, inclusivity and passion for economic justice. The Occupiers in many areas have articulated a message that has formed the core of Columban economic justice work for many years: the need for structural change to provide a sustainable life for all people and the planet. Economic inequality is not good for anyone and certainly does not show concern for the common good. Our Catholic faith and our Catholic social teaching tradition require a “preferential option for the poor”. In today’s economic climate throughout the world, those who are poor share a smaller and smaller portion of our resources. Occupiers have recognized this increasing divide between those who are poor and those who are rich and are calling all of us to account. Fortunately, most Occupy movements are also non-violent and we support the cities that have maintained a peaceful presence. We pray, in this time of Advent waiting and hope, that the call for economic justice will be heard by our leaders and structural changes will be made. We continue to work to be a prophetic voice to the U. S. government for the changes our faith compels us to seek.