News from Omaha…

By John Ampiah Addison with Fr. Tom Glennon
December 16, 2011

Omaha, Nebraska

Congratulations to the Columbans, especially in Nebraska, for a victory on the Keystone Pipeline, which was delayed by President Obama. After much negotiating and a special session of the Nebraska legislature, the State of Nebraska reached a compromise with TransCanada not to route the pipeline through the Ogallala aquifer. Fr. Tom Glennon and Fr. Chuck Lintz were directly involved in creating awareness and advocating through making phone calls, writing letters and talking to leaders about the Keystone Pipeline.

When not engaged in advocacy, the Columbans found time for a special direct service opportunity and organized a retreat for people who are exiting homelessness. This retreat provided spiritual support for the marginalized, the poor, the mentally ill and those suffering from addictions. Fr. Tom Glennon said, “We continue to ask for God’s guidance in our work”.

Immigration is an ongoing interest for the Omaha community. Fr. Bill Schmidt is currently a member of Omaha Together One Community (OTOC), as have been other Columbans in recent years. OTOC was featured in a story in the Omaha Herald on December 6 concerning their work against the implementation of the Secure Communities program.