December CCAO E-newsletter

December 19, 2011

December 2011 | Vol. 1 Issue 3

The Occupy Movement

Columbans around the U.S. are taking notice of the Occupy movement. The updates from our centers are full of news surrounding Occupy of various cities. Here in the D.C. office, we have visited OccupyDC several times and have been very impressed with their organization, inclusivity and passion for economic justice. The Occupiers in many areas have articulated a message that has formed the core of Columban economic justice work for many years: the need for structural change to provide a sustainable life for all people and the planet. Economic inequality is not good for anyone and certainly does not show concern for the common good.

Occupy Movement>>

Working towards Greater Transparency

Have you ever wondered where the food on your table comes from? Chances are, you are eating some sort of genetically-modified food without knowing it. Currently, 75% of the processed food that we eat contains genetically modified materials, compared to none twenty years ago.

Greater Transparency >>

Gun Smuggling on the Border

Illegal gun smuggling in Mexico fuels extreme violence and claims many lives. Over the past five years more than 40,000 people have been killed in Mexico’s drug war, and many of the guns involved in this war are smuggled over the United States border.
Gun Smuggling>>

U. N. Durban Climate Conference

From late November to early December, global leaders met in Durban, South Africa to address the issue of Climate Change. Locating the summit in Africa was a significant choice, as the continent has been especially affected by climate change. Africa has seen conflict, political instability, food insecurity, and high levels of impoverishment, which have been compounded by climate change.

Climate Conference >>

Looking Beyond the Korea Free Trade Agreement

A month after the U.S. endorsed the South Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement (FTA) all attention was directed to South Korea, which faced strong opposition from the Democratic Party to complete the agreement.  The opposition went as far as using tear gas on supporters in their desperation of what might happen if this bill were to pass

Looking Beyond >>


Columbans in the Philippines:
After the Typhoon

Typhoon Sendong wreaked havoc in the areas where Columbans live and work in the Philippines. Columban Fathers, Sisters and lay missionaries in the area are accounted for and have begun relief efforts. For further details about how you can help, please click here.

Delayed Pipeline (Omaha, NE)

Congratulations to the Columbans, especially in Nebraska, for a victory on the Keystone Pipeline, which was delayed by President Obama.

Delayed >>

Occupy El Paso (El Paso, TX)

Occupy Wall Street spread to El Paso, and participants in Occupy El Paso (OEP) spent over a month camped out in San Jacinto Square.

More from El Paso >>

Occupy Movement (Bristol, RI)

Fr. Frank Carroll of the St. Columban’s house in Bristol, Rhode Island recently gave a brief update of advocacy activities going on in the area.

Occupy >>

New Member (Chicago, IL)

On October 28 Taaremom Matauea became a permanent member of the Columban Missionary Society and was ordained a deacon at Korean Martyrs’ Catholic Church on the following day

New Member >>

Upcoming Events

December 18 International Migrants Day
January 8 to 14 National Migration Week (U.S.)
January 9 Congress back in session
January 11 – 13 USCCB-CLINIC National Conference on Immigration, Salt Lake City, UT
January 13 Spring Semester Intern Orientation
February 12 – 15 Catholic Social Ministry Gathering in Washington, DC
February 17 Deadline for Summer Internship Applications

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