Philippines Typhoon Aftermath Update

January 3, 2012

Columban Fr. Don Kill provided the following update in the aftermath of the typhoon:

We [Columbans] are out here doing what we can. I am going to Cagayan de Oro right after Christmas. I recently found out that at least one of the families with loved ones suffering from hemophilia lost everything in the flood and that the two hemophiliacs were injured and required hospitalization. Fortunately we had some emergency supplies of Factor 8 which stops the bleeding.

Fr. Pat has set up a special fund in Manila to help us help with the situation. No matter how much we have, it will not be enough to restore the lives of those who lost everything.

May God bless us with many helpful hearts during this time of rebuilding. We thank God for our safety, and we pray for those whose needs far outweigh our own.

With Love and prayers,

Fr. Don

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