John’s Reflection

By: John Ampiah-Addison
January 4, 2012

John Ampiah-Addison

I had a good experience as an intern at the Columban Center for Advocacy and Outreach (CCAO). My experience has definitely changed my views about the world and given me a better understanding of my next step in life.  Attending the presentation on sustainable development was one of my favorite experiences at my internship because it changed my view and approach to development.

Like most people, I have always thought about economic growth as the major indicator for improvement in a developing country. Despite how relevant economic growth might be to development, I think sustainable development should be given more precedence over economic growth. Since we live on a finite planet it only makes sense to look for ways to sustain growth—this kind of growth aim to meet human needs while putting the environment in perspective. We need focus more on having better schools, better sanitation, healthcare, clean water, and disease prevention. The other issues I worked on like the Keystone Pipeline, KORUS FTA and Jeju Island, all gave me a better understanding of advocacy work. I really appreciate having the opportunity to work with CCAO. Thank you.