Nation of Conflict

By: Juanita Abii
January 19, 2012

*The content of these blogs are the personal reflections of the author and do not represent official Columban positions or statements

Juanita Abii

I know what conflict can do to a nation. My mum was a child during my country’s civil war. My aunt was born in transit between two villages because nowhere was safe. War is never the ultimate resolution. Too much is lost, because too much is at stake. It’s an irony in itself. I would love to delve more into this.

I must say that the question of war has always plagued my conscience; I guess that’s why I chose to go into conflict and resolution. A lot of times I find myself caught in a dilemma, trying to figure out where the church stands on war. I am really interested in getting a better grasp of this, because as much as I condemn war, I have come to the realization that it is nearly impossible to convince other people not to go to war. This is why I have taken the stand to avoid it at all costs.

In today’s secular society, the boundaries between right and wrong are disturbingly unclear. The precepts of the Church are relegated.  Many of the Lord’s faithful are led astray. How can we support war when it goes against the sacredness of the human person? Where can we stand when terrorists attack and the only seemingly logical retaliation is war? Our principles and beliefs are distorted in this age because we have separated our faith from our state.