February Newsletter

February 16, 2012

February 2012 | Vol. 2 Issue 1

Rejoice, Pray, and Give Thanks

Rejoice always” 1 Thessalonians 5:16. Advocating for God’s vision of justice can be an uphill battle, but we strive to remember all for whom we advocate and rejoice in them. Fortunately, over the last month, we have seen some incremental progress and we do rejoice in any small victory. President Obama denied the permit for the Keystone Pipeline in late January. In addition, just last week, we learned of a court victory in the efforts to curtail gun smuggling on the U.S. Mexico border.

Give Thanks >>

Gun Smuggling on the Border

The serious problem of gun smuggling from the United States to Mexico has taken a turn in a positive direction. A recent ruling states that arms dealers in the Southwest United States must notify the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives when someone buys multiple assault rifles within a week’s time.

Gun Smuggling >>

Keystone Pipeline Update

New legislation in both the House of Representatives and the Senate seeks to force approval for construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline despite the Obama Administration’s rejection of the project last January. The bills, H.R.3548 and S.2041 were introduced in an effort to bypass the Administration’s decision and transfer the responsibility of federal oversight from the State Department to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).
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Election 2012: Catholics Vote for the Common Good

On November 6, Catholics nationwide will have difficult decisions to make. Every four years, our consciousness as faithful Catholic Americans is challenged, as we deliberate between candidates for public office.

Catholic Votes >>

School of the Americas

In 1984, a combat training school for Latin American soldiers known as the School of the Americas (SOA) was established (Currently named the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation). It has trained over 64,000 Latin American soldiers and continues its training programs today.

Time to Stop >>

Water for the World

How is it that water is the most vital and the most abundant substance on earth, yet more than three times more people lack water than the number of people that live in the United States (water.org)? That is nearly one billion people without clean water!

Water for the World >>

Columbans in the Philippines:
After the Earthquake

Well, this seems to be a year of disasters in unusual places.

Dumaguete is a beautiful, peaceful, college town with several very good schools. I built a house there several years ago, because we have about 30 hemophilia patients in the area around Dumaguete. One of the attractions of Dumaguete is that it is seldom hit by storms and never has earthquakes – that is until this year.

On Monday, February 6, around noon time, a 7.0 earthquake struck the same areas devastated earlier by typhoon Sendong. As I write this, 73 people are known to be dead, about 100 more are missing and presumed dead, buried under two landslides caused by the earthquake.

Help is Needed >>


Lenten Appeal: Access to Dependable Transportation

Once again we appeal to you on behalf of these people who depend on their wheelchairs, so that they may be able to travel with ease and safety to both of our centers. click here.

Keystone Pipeline (Omaha, NE)

Fr. Tom Glennon, Fr. Chuck Lintz and Fr. Mike Dodd, along with the entire Columban community in the Omaha area, continue to follow the administrative and legislative ups and downs of the Keystone Pipeline, which threatens crucial environments in NE. They are also involved in advocacy work towards protecting immigrants.

Detention and SOA (El Paso, TX)

Fr. Bob Mosher has been visiting migrants in detention in the area and is amazed at their fortitude. He also reports that members of the School of the Americas Watch will be visiting the city of El Paso from Feb. 17-19.

Occupy Movement (Bristol, RI)

Peace issues and the concerns of the Occupy movement are on the top of Fr. Frank Carroll’s list of social justice issues to follow. He stays in touch with advocacy organizations in the Bristol area to help keep him informed.

Abolish Death Penalty (Los Angeles, CA)

Fr. Al Utzig from St. Mary’s parish in Fontana reports that members of the parish have been working on gathering signatures to abolish the death penalty in California, as well as making it mandatory for minors to be required to have a parent’s signature to get an abortion.

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