Lent — A time to give something up?

By: Greg Simon
February 21, 2012

As a kid, the first thing I thought during Lent was that it was time to give something up.   I would try and give up something like candy, pop or something of that nature.  And, as a kid, the 40 days were agonizing.  When Lent was over I would go back to what I was doing before drinking pop by the gallon and eating candy by the pound followed by getting sick.

It wasn’t until I got older I learned Lent could also be a way to add something to your life.  As a young man I heard a priest at my local church say, “you don’t have to give something up during Lent.  You could always add ‘Good’ to your life during Lent.”

Adding  “Good” to your life could be as easy as praying more, reading scripture, helping the sick or the poor, putting others first and 1,000 other ways to do “Good.”   This Lenten season do not think about what you can give up but you can add to your life.

During Lent I plan to pray more, which may seem to be a simple task for most.  But, I do not pray enough, and should do so more often.  With any luck after Lent I will still be praying more.

Lent can be about what can be added.

Donate to the Lenten Appeal

Lent is a season of great hope, hope for new beginnings. With the grace of God new possibilities can be embraced. Please help all these special people and their families to continue befriending and helping one another in their efforts to get safely to Manuel Duato School or ASPHAD Center. Your donation, in any amount, will make a real and tangible difference in the lives of some very special people.

Our Lord will reward abundantly your sacrifice and your generosity. In return for your kindness and as a takon of our gratitude for your prayers and support, you and your intentions will be remembered during our daily Masses this Lenten season.