Deviled Eggs and Dessert

Kate Kenny
February 25, 2012

Every Wednesday evening during Lent, my church hosts a potluck before evening services. These events are truly potluck; sometimes the buffet contains only deviled eggs and dessert while other weeks have casseroles as far as the eye can see but nothing else. The participants, too, are potluck. All are welcome. Drop your dish at the buffet and find a place to sit.

We gather together, give thanks for the fellowship and the food and then enjoy the company of those with whom we sit. These Wednesday evenings are a chance to break from our regular routine, to gather together and share a meal. It’s true table fellowship, and I’m reminded of the loaves and fishes. Containers are always empty after the meal, and everyone seems to have been filled.

Deviled eggs and dessert are more than enough.

Donate to the Lenten Appeal

Lent is a season of great hope, hope for new beginnings. With the grace of God new possibilities can be embraced. Please help all these special people and their families to continue befriending and helping one another in their efforts to get safely to Manuel Duato School or ASPHAD Center. Your donation, in any amount, will make a real and tangible difference in the lives of some very special people.

Our Lord will reward abundantly your sacrifice and your generosity. In return for your kindness and as a takon of our gratitude for your prayers and support, you and your intentions will be remembered during our daily Masses this Lenten season.