Live out the Way of the Cross on a Frequent Basis

Fr. Kevin Mullins
March 14, 2012

Fr. Kevin Mullins

The people of God in our Parish of Corpus Christi in Rancho Anapra live out the Way of the Cross on a frequent basis. Recently 3 young teenagers were executed here in our Parish as part of the ongoing Drug War. The youngest called Ivan of 15 years of age had his right eye torn out, his throat slit and shot with 3 bullets in the head. As “expert” as I am in these situations I never cease to admire the profound faith of the people and the faith of the people who are affected by these events.

There was a great outpouring of solidarity with Ivans’ family as they accompanied his body to the Church. The weeping and wailing was as to be expected. Still..the People of God responded with such sincerity and determination during the Mass and then accompanied by some of the local religious dance groups made their way to the cemetery.

Again last Sunday evening another noble family was called to their Way of the Cross as their Father an ex-Policeman was executed with rifle fire in front of their house. I happend by chance on the scene and and was prevented by the Police from giving the Annointing with the spurious charges that I might contaminate the scene of the crime. In a city where 20 of every 600 murders are investigated, I doubt whether a Blessind would do any harm to the legal process.

The Police, the frantic family members, the onlookers all provide a seemingingly hopeless scenario of repetitive death in our Parish and City.

Nevertheless as Believers in the Risen Lord who has also experienced the way of the Cross, we hope and pray for a peaceful future where the sound of the AK 47.s is a thing of the past. In the midst of these contradictions the Columban Fathers in Mexico have been witnesses to the profound and dogged Faith of the People which “bears them up” under stress and hidden dangers. I marvel at the manner in which People rebound from their tragedies and keep loving a creating new lives for themselves and in the life of the Parish Community which we attempt to serve.

Please pray for the folk that we are blessed to know especially during this Lentan period of Conversion and Rising to new Life.

Peace to you all,
Fr Kevin

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