God’s Power

Michelle Melcher Knight – Advocacy Associate
April 16, 2012

Easter Greetings! During the Easter season, we are reminded of the meaning of the power of God. On Easter Sunday, John’s Gospel reveals Christ’s power over death. On the second Sunday of Easter, the first reading from Acts declares the power of the witness of the disciples. Often in our advocacy work for peace and justice, we feel that we do not have any power. In this newsletter we are confronted by several examples of our lack of power in the world, but we must claim the power of our faith that is “the victory that conquers the world” (1 Jn 5:4b)

Burma has been the site of hopeful news of late, but we must not forget the civil war that continues there. Our faith is needed for a resolution to that conflict. Earth day is this month and although we sometimes feel powerless to stop climate change, we must continue to observe Earth Day and have faith in the growing movement to heal the Earth. We may feel powerless when we consider the confusing world of trade agreements, but in the article on a new trade agreement, you will learn about an effort to bring transparency to that process. You can participate in that effort, with our action alert. Concerning Mexico, you will read about our efforts to make asylum available for those fleeing violence. We hope to bring you more news on that issue soon.  Remember to read our sidebar for our updates from around the region.  Our communities are continuing to participate in powerful and meaningful ministries. Finally, we have included news from our partners at Jubilee with an action concerning loan reforms.

Blessings to you throughout the Easter Season!