Go for it!

April 18, 2012

Amy Woolam Echeverria

Easter Greetings! In other words, “Go for it!” In the Gospel this past Sunday, the second Sunday of Easter, we meet the fear-filled disciples huddled behind locked doors in a dark room when Jesus appears and blesses them with the greeting, “Peace be with you”.

Living an Easter life for me means living outside of the locked room. Not an easy thing to do. It means living a life that is not only being open to the brokenness in our world, but also to exposing my own fragility to the world. In a culture that gives a preferential option for the strong, being weak holds little appeal.

Every day I am faced with the choice: Do I run and jump for joy in the light of day as Mary Magdalene did to share the Good News or do I cower in the darkness as the Twelve did waiting for proof of the Resurrected Christ?

Thankfully, no matter what I choose or how faithful I am, by the grace of God, “He is good, his love is everlasting!” (Psalm 118) That unconditional love makes ‘going for it’ a bit easier!