Election 2012 Introductory letter

April 26, 2012

January 2012

Dear ___________;

Thank you for agreeing to lead a dialogue session for the Election 2012: Catholics Vote for the Common Good campaign. We appreciate your willingness to gather individuals together to help in the development of a platform for your state. The platform, along with a national preamble, will be a tool for challenging candidates to develop positions more in line with the common good.

Four years ago, many Catholics worked together to develop a national platform. Today, we are building on the work accomplished in 2008. This coalition of Catholic organizations realizes that we are faced with critical choices in the 2012 election. We feel it is important for Catholics to bring a strong voice for the common good to the campaign conversations and debates.

The packet (attached/enclosed) will guide you through the dialogue session.

The packet contains:

National Preamble
Dialogue Guide for Developing a State Platform
Dialogue questions
Facilitator’s Tips
Summary form

If you have additional questions, please contact Michelle Knight, mmknight@columban.org; 301-565-4547.