Holy Week in Rancho Anapra

Fr. Kevin Mullins
May 3, 2012

In Rancho Anapra, we have just concluded a most memorable Holy Week. The Columban Fathers and our Korean priest associate, Fr. Augustine Han, are blessed because of the energetic collaboration of the people of God in our pastoral care. A case in point would be our Palm Sunday procession, which is always well attended.

However, this year we decided to convert our relatively short distance procession into one of 30 minutes in length, starting at the traffic roundabout, where for almost three years we have celebrated a Tuesday evening Mass for Peace.

The 200 children of the Family Catechetics Group were invited to dress up in period costume. Little did we know that here would be such an overwhelming response as on the appointed day literally hundreds of people gathered for the procession. There were 12 apostles and all! The morning was clear and crisp with no threat of the expected wind and sandstorm. We were ably guided by obliging Mexican Traffic Police as we wended our way through the stalls of the Sunday morning outdoor market.

Fr. Arturo Aguilar, our Regional Director, made a much appreciated special effort to accompany us in our public profession of faith, which was led off by a specially painted banner and a venerable pick-up truck crammed with our excellent sound system and a jumbled mass of choir members singing at maximum pitch!

We eventually made the Church in record time with nary a hitch. With the active involvement of so many parishioners, we were able to call our journey of faith a resounding success.
Already, there are those who are planning for next years’ procession and endeavoring to discover ways of tweaking our Catholic communitys’ re-enactment of the Lord’s entry into Jerusalem. All along the way people, young and old, left their houses and stood in reverent groups. As a result many are also determined to be active with us in future liturgies.