About Values and Wealth

David C. Salgado
June 13, 2012

David C. Salgado

Sometimes we tend to forget how intertwined our lives are with politics and economics. Even if we have a certain sense of awareness of what might be the consequences of the major hot issues debated in the political arena, we forget that little decisions in Congress have the power to impact the lives of millions of people in this globalized world.

Most of the important issues in politics right now are related to the economy. Politicians have proposed many ways to deal with the federal debt, create more jobs and make the economy more competitive.  However, “competitive” is a tricky word; having a competitive industry will for sure enhance the economy but not necessarily enhance the lives of every single person related to these industries. To attain competitiveness, companies seek to reduce their costs of production by appealing to many strategies like reducing wages or replacing human work force with new cost-effective technologies. But we should not leave aside two key words here; human dignity.

We want more than a growing economy.  We want a fair economy, one in which we all benefit from its wealth.  We want to extend our markets and we can achieve that through trade agreements, but we also want to make sure that we do not deteriorate the conditions of our trade partners for the risks it poses to people in those countries abroad. As one value of the CCAO states “the economy should serve people, not the other way around”. So let’s work hard but let’s never lose our goal; improve the conditions of our society without worsening other societies.