Build a Just Society

Sandra Sandoval
June 14, 2012

Sandra Sandoval

In order to build a just society, the Catholic Church will need to lead us in organizing different aspects of human life, such as: economics, law, and politics. With this in mind,  Catholic teachings have helped shape the modern society through its commitment to economic and environmental justice.

In order to achieve the highest standard of living we need to not only respect our fellow men but also to protect the planet. Some say that we only care for the earth on “Earth Day”. We must go further and teach society that the richness of the planet given by our creator deserve respect.

Another important cause for concern is the economic justice.  As a Christian nation, we need to realize we are one human family with different ethnic, national and ideological differences but as brothers and sisters, we can’t let these dissimilarities affect our solidarity.  Economics should work on behalf of the development and harmony of society, but sometimes we let the opposite occur.

In order to lead society to the right and harmonious path, we need to keep in mind the foundation of social teaching. Let’s protect human dignity, and by the hand of God, our creator, help society reach a well-constructed future.