Peace for a Better World

By Gloria Soto
June 18, 2012

Gloria Soto

Every day we see news stories of the awful consequences of the wars around the world. In the Bible, God tells us that “to him who strikes you on the cheek offer the other also” (Luke 6:29), but the reality we live is another.  Few people actually know how to forgive and seek a solution to the problem through peace. Many say that war is necessary to end our problems and be victorious. But do we really find peace at the end of war? Are we really respecting the dignity of the human person regardless of race, color, language, and religion? It is important to remember that every human person has the right to live and have a life of peace, not a life where every day they leave their homes with a fear of dying. We need to change this situation. People are always criticizing the government for the violence we see on television or in the newspaper but the question is … are we ourselves doing something to prevent and end this problem? It is true that peace begins with oneself and then with our family and so we gradually change our city, our state, and eventually the world. We have given all power to the government not only to govern our state but also to govern our own lives and our family, leaving aside our rights and responsibilities. Many times we lock ourselves in our own needs and forget about the poor and vulnerable. We need to pause for a moment in our lives to analyze what we are doing for the care of God’s Creation and to defend his commandments including respect for life and the dignity of every human person and work to make peace the solution to all conflicts.