ACTION ALERT: Water for the World Act

June 22, 2012


children fetching water from a deep well

children fetching water from a deep well

Contact your Representative to pass the Water for the World Act (bills H.R.3658 and S.6411) which will increase the access of safer water and sanitation in developing countries. Click here for the sample letter


Nearly one billion people are without access to the most vital substance for life on earth—clean and consumable water. Congress implemented the Senator Paul Simon Water for the Poor Act in 2005 in order to increase affordable and equitable access to safe water and sanitation in developing countries. Since then, members of the Senate and the House have introduced an updated version of the bill, namely the Senator Paul Simon Water for the World Act, which ensures that the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the State Department maximize resources, enhance transparency and accountability, and strengthen public-private partnership and research. It also seeks to enhance America’s leadership in water conflicts and in strategically engaging the efforts and donations of other governments, international organizations, and U.S. based charities.

As people of faith we believe that everyone has fundamental rights to life’s most basic necessities such as the safe access of water. Scripture says, “The indigent and the poor are seeking water, but there is none. Their tongue has been dried up by thirst. I, the Lord, will heed them. I, the God of Israel, will not abandon them.” (Isaiah 41:17). Through this Bible verse, it shows how we should welcome the stranger and fight for their right to receive safe drinking water. The Catholic Social Teachings expresses our responsibility to ensure the security for the poor and the vulnerable. Even though these people may not be within our own land, this does not mean that we should ignore them or deprive them of the necessities that they need to survive. Through this belief, we must take action and work together to ensure that others in our world will have the necessities that they need.


Write a letter to your Representative to let them know that you would like other people in developing countries to have the ability to have safe drinking water. To find your local Representative, go to:

Download the sample letter here

Amy Woolam Echeverria
Telephone: 301.565.4547