We are Makers of Change

Roselle Agdipa
July 2, 2012

I’ve noticed over time that the ones we look to for change in our world are our Congressmen and women. This can be true, but after our legislative visits this past week, I believe the power to find the change resides within a different group of people. The constituents, the ordinary people who you pass by every day, we are the true makers of change.

These past two weeks, preparing for our legislative visits for this week and seeing some of the results of our visits, truly makes me believe that the people are the real makers of change. Looking at these past weeks, I have to admit that it was not an easy journey, there were many milestones and blocks that had to be overcome. Last week, it seemed like an easy process, call the representative, make an appointment, make the folders and other preparations, arrive early to your appointment, state your position then hope and pray that you have touched them and that they will be able to see your side and join your battle. Although, that is probably only what happens in fairy tales and make-believe stories. Our focus for our meetings was the Water for the World Act, a bill that is being reauthorized in Congress to update the 2005 Water for the Poor Act. The newer version will enhance the 2005 version by ensuring that the money allotted to this cause will be used more productively through the organization USAID. Last week preparing for meetings that we were not even sure were going to happen, brought a very anxious feeling within myself. With persistent and continuous calling and e-mailing though, we finally had our meetings arranged and not too long after our first meeting we started to see the results.

Twenty minutes after our first meeting of the day with Representative Reyes of Texas, we received an e-mail from his staffer, John Aguilar and found that Representative Reyes has signed to be a co-sponsor for the Water for the World Act. Likewise, Representative Lee Terry from Nebraska has also co-sponsored the Water for the World Act.

As the famous saying goes, “be the change that you wish to see in the world.” The actions of these two Representatives are true examples that we are and make the change in our world. Through these visits, we were truly able to change the world. Because of our visits, places like the Philippines, Peru, Pakistan and Japan, where sanitary water is desperately needed. These Representatives see that even though we may be a first world country, we never stop thinking about those in developing countries, needing attention to aide them to become a better, prosperous country.