Life is Chaotic

Roselle Agdipa
August 3, 2012

Roselle Agdipa

Life is chaotic alot of the time. There is work to be done, readings to understand, new material to digest, someone who needs your attention, meals that need to be made, something that needs to be cleaned, and at the same time we still need our 8 hours of sleep (but most of us just settle with 5 or 6 hours). The point is that with our crazy lives, we always look for that guide. We look for someone to give us strength and hope for when the world brings us down and knocks us over.

We are searching and searching, just like the crowd in the Gospel, until we find Him. As the crowd in the Gospel found Jesus, we all find God, faith and religion at some point in our lives; and as said in the Bible, when we find God, we shall be filled.

“I am the bread of life;
whoever comes to me will never hunger,
and whoever believes in me will never thirst.”

I might be a naïve nineteen year old, but I have to admit that there were many moments in life that I would not have been able to endure without God’s guidance. During the Holocaust, in Nazi, Germany, many people who survived said that they only survived because they had faith that there was going to be a tomorrow for them and that He was watching over them. Our God is omnipresent, always with us in everywhere that we go, and all we have to do when we are in need is to surrender unto him and all will be fine.

There will be events in life that will bring us down and break us, but as the Gospel shows us, once we find God, the search is over. He will feed us, we will be filled and that crazy life that we know of will be replaced with a bearable one, because when we find God, we see that we are not bearing everything on our own.