This Summer

Gloria Soto
August 3, 2012

Gloria Soto

This summer I have written letters to representatives, newsletters, blogs, notes, etc. but this time I want to write something special for someone who has always  been there for me, someone who has guided my path and who has been my biggest inspiration; God. I still remember when I was little how my grandmother taught me to pray in my room for the people I loved, praying the Our Father in my room for God to take care of my family and friends, then I got older and my relationship with God have changed, it is not just a religion anymore, it is a relationship of friends, now praying in my room is not just to talk to Him, it is also to hear his voice in my heart. Years have passed and I feel how on my heart the love for God had being growing and that same love motivates me to serve Him and the most vulnerable.

I would never forget this opportunity that the CCAO have given me this summer. I have always considered myself catholic and my faith has always been part of my life, but after this experience I know that as Christian, I have the responsibility to follow the Catholic Social Teaching, and the importance to respect the life and dignity of the human being, work for our rights and follow our responsibilities, to be solidarity with the poor and vulnerable, and to care for God’s Creation. During the World Youth Day in July 28, 2002, Pope John Paul II said “Do not be afraid to respond generously to God’s call. Let your faith shine in the world, their actions demonstrate their commitment to the saving message of the Gospel “.

I think there are many teenagers that God had touch their heart in one way or another, some of them when they were little thanks to their families or some of them after their confirmation sacrament. After their confirmation almost all of them are finishing high school and getting ready to college, imagine having these young people with their careers and with a strong faith, working for social justice, by having the knowledge and a strong faith, people can accomplish great achievements around our world. Our society needs professionals that with their knowledge and faith are willing to work for the common good and social justice.