Volunteering Experience

Sandra Sandoval
August 3, 2012

Sandra Sandoval

Wednesday July 18, we, the CCAO interns for the summer had the opportunity to share a volunteering experience. We went to a place call Christ House, which mission is to provide comprehensive health care to sick, homeless men and women. Currently they just have one 34 bed building to take care of ill people from the District of Columbia. Christ House is part of the Health Care for the Homeless Project since 1985. They provide them care, support and hospitality as well as assist them in addressing critical issues to help break the cycle of homelessness.

I believe this kind of projects are those than really goes ranging from the hand of God, because doing this requires a committed personal, establishment and capital, and one way or another God provides. And indeed, it was impressive the spirituality moved in that place.

First, we arrive and had a very small tour, accompanied by the history of the foundation of Christ House. Also, we were able to listen to some stories of people that were successfully heal and with the help of Christ House staff contacted their families, after being out of the map for years.  It was really moving listening to stories of people that really need our help, and maybe we had seen them before but decided to just pass by and ignored them instead. Next, we separate in to groups. One group went to help in the kitchen, other to clean an indoor apartment, and last but not least the gardening group. I had the opportunity to volunteer for the outdoor activity, gardening. It was almost noon, we were expecting suffer a little bit with the heat of the sun, however it was not that bad. We were cover by the shade of enormous and beautiful trees around the housing apartments. This housing known as Kairos, is also part of Christ House, is where some of the men can live in community after their recovery. They have a small patio but it used to be all trashy and inaccessible. With the help of volunteers, as us, is becoming a place of community living and future friendly activities. After helping a little to rearrange the patio, we all had lunch, volunteers, the staff, and the Kairos residents. During the lunch, we were able to have a small talk with those that were seated around us. It was really nice having a word with them; they seem really grateful and happy to be there.

We did not do much for Christ of House because we just collaborate for one day. It would be great to have the opportunity to come back and really work hard for the homeless men and women that really need is hope, support, a hand to get up and move forward. Nevertheless, we need to remember that we are all here for a specific task to achieve and follow but always, letting the Lord be the guide of our steps.