Calling All Faiths

Gloria Soto
August 3, 2012

On July 15, 2012 at the Columban Mission Center in El Paso, Texas, hosted an afternoon of inter-religious dialogue. Three representatives of the local Muslim community spoke to a group of local Catholics on the spiritual meaning of Ramadan and traditions, the Muslim season of prayer and fasting. The presentation lasted about 40 minutes and after the presentation they answered questions from the audience, ending the event with some refreshments.

Columban Fr. Robert Mosher, Director of the Columban Mission Center, shared his opinion about the event saying, “It is a great first step of approach with our communities of faith that allow greater collaboration with the coming of a more just world in a long term”. He explained how dialogue should move us to cooperation, to work for social justice as to work together for the respect for life, defend the environment, and ending war. Fr. Bob said that during this event he saw an interest from Muslims to dialogue and learn the Catholic faith to work for social justice. We come from different cultures, but if we appreciate one another’s faith and traditions, this will help us to appreciate our own religion.

The Church also speaks on the importance of interreligious dialogue. Pope John Paul II was an outspoken advocate for calling all faiths to come together in peace and friendship often sitting at the table with faith leaders from other traditions and speaking publicly about the importance of respecting all people regardless of religious differences.