Climate Change

August 14, 2012


Let your Representative know that you care about God’s creation and climate change. Ask you Representative to endorse House Resolution 672 on climate change.


“Thou shall not defile the land which you inhabit, in the midst of which I dwell” (Numbers 35:34)

As faithful people, many of us have a special place in nature where we have witnessed the Spirit, but these places, and our climate, are changing. Scientific consensus recognizes that due to the large amounts of greenhouse gases emitted into our atmosphere, mainly from human activity, our world is experiencing climate change. Columban missionaries around the world are sharing the impacts they are already witnessing and predicted impacts of increased storm surges, food insecurity, and migration. As noted in the scripture reading, God dwells everywhere. As Christ followers, we are called to ensure the health of all Creation and protect the most vulnerable members of our global community from climate change.

For the last two years, the climate change conversation has all but disappeared in Congress. U.S. Representative Moran of Virginia wrote House Resolution 672 to jumpstart that conversation and build momentum for action on climate change. The resolution highlights how religious leaders, scientist, the public health community, and others are calling for action. It cites scientific evidence unanimously supported by scientists across the world and the moral imperative for action. It also speaks to the actions we can take as individuals and as a country to reduce our impact. H.RES 672 sets a call to action for more sustainable communities in the US, around the world, and for future generations. Share your witness and respond to the call with a letter today!


Send a letter to your representative. Follow the sample letter (below) and simply mail or fax it to your Representative. Let your Representative see that the research has been done: climate change is a reality, and because of our faith, we are called to action. By doing this we can reduce the most harmful impacts of climate change on god’s Creation, including God’s most vulnerable people. To find your local Representative, go to:


Chloe Schwabe

Advocacy Associate

Telephone: 301.565.4547


Dear (Representative Name),

As a person of faith, I am deeply concerned about the predicted suffering to vulnerable communities such as those in low-income communities in the U.S. and around the world, and the suffering and species loss in the rest of God’s Creation from climate change. I ask you to support House Resolution 672 on climate change. H.RES 672 highlights the scientific evidence supported by nearly all scientists and the moral concerns that climate change will harm God’s Creation, including the most vulnerable members of our human community. God’s children, particularly those living in poverty, cannot wait another day for Congress to move beyond partisan gridlock. I urge you to act faithfully and support this resolution to protect God’s Creation and future generations from the most harmful impacts of climate change.

Representative Moran of Virginia introduced HR 672 in May 2012, which can help bring our country a step closer towards addressing climate change and becoming more environmentally sustainable. U.S. energy consumption is a driving force in climate change.  For example, the resolution states that in 2010, the U.S. use of fossil fuels produced 95% of the carbon dioxide emissions globally. We have a responsibility to reduce our consumption.  In addition to reducing our consumption we can invest in renewable energy technologies such as wind and solar power.   Even simple tasks like planting trees to improve the land will help reduce the negative impacts of climate change issue. If we do not act with urgency to alleviate climate change, human suffering will increase due to disease, food and water insecurity, greater severity of storms and heat, and other health and safety concerns.

H. Res 672 reminds us that climate change is a serious issue for all God’s Creation and calls for national policy and lifestyle changes to reduce the greatest harm from global climate change. Biblical scripture teaches us, “Thou shall not defile the land which you inhabit, in the midst of which I dwell” (Numbers 35: 34).   God, the Creator, is present all around us, and we are called to live in harmony with all of Creation. To ensure a healthy world for the generations of today and tomorrow, we ask you to approve H.RES 672.