Reflection on the Philippine Embassy Visit with Ambassador Jose

Roselle Agdipa – Advocacy Intern
August 14, 2012

Everyone always says, “You have to take baby steps before you know how to run.” In other words, this means that with everything we have to start small and from that small step, anything can become something big. Today we had a meeting with the Philippine Ambassador, Jose Cuisia. Speaking with him along with Gen. Iyano and Maria Austria, I believe has given the opportunity for all of us to see where the Philippines has been and where we would like to go, so Ambassador Jose can relay those messages to the other Generals, Secretaries and President Aquino. Even though there definitely were times in this conversation when we were upset and frustrated, I believe that we all are now able to understand each other better now and this is only the opening conversation to the many other conversations that we will be having with the Ambassador, General Iyano and Ms. Austria to follow up on these issues of the militarization in the Philippines and our concerns about the mining going on. One of the main points said in this conversation though, was that steps were taken within these two years of the Aquino administration than were taken with the nine and a half years of the previous administration and that we must wait because newer changes are still coming. Until then though, we must pray and hope that these government officials will be led to work for the Philippine people and the situation continues to make progress.