Introducing Qi Zhang- CCAO Environmental Justice Intern

Qi Zhang
August 28, 2012

Qi Zhang

In this summer, I have been working as a research intern at a non-profit organization based in Washington DC. It is an organization for sustainability, energy and education. As a research assistant, I have worked on developing a course called carbon trading, from an abstract idea to a concrete course. This design of course has made me more responsible and caring about our world, especially from an environmental perspective. I have never been so exposed to issues like global warming, greenhouse effect and fossil fuels burning.

Mounting scientific research indicates that since the Industrial Revolution humans have contributed to an approximately 0.2± 0.6 ˚C increase in the earth’s surface temperature. While one degree may not sound like a lot, it is worth noting that during the last ice age the global temperature was an average of only five to nine degrees cooler than it is today. Humans are undeniable to be related with global warming for burning fossil fuels and causing the greenhouse effect. Assuming humans’ responsibility, we should do something to reduce the emissions. Thus, carbon trading, as a new trend market-based policy option, is gradually catching attention.

As humans, we should show respect for the Creator and care for the earth. It is not a slogan, but is a faith. Nurturing a harmonious relationship with the earth is a wise way for both humans and the planet.