The CCAO Welcomes

September 5, 2012

The CCAO is blessed to welcome many new faces to our mission this Fall including our Advocacy Associate and the new group of interns for the 2012 Fall semester.  Join me in welcoming them!

Chloe Schwabe – Advocacy Associate

Chloe Schwabe

Chloe Schwabe, originally from Portland, Oregon, has worked in faith-based advocacy for the last eight years. For the last six years she served the National Council of Churches as the Environmental Health Program Manager. She led a multi-state grassroots campaign to reform state and federal chemical policies to protect God’s people and all creation. From 2004-2006 she was the Grassroots Coordinator at The SHARE Foundation: Building a New El Salvador Today, a faith-based Salvadoran solidarity organization. She engaged grassroots advocates to reject the Central American Free Trade Agreement and destructive gold mining projects.

Outside of work, Chloe is on the board of the U.S. Office on Colombia and co-chair of the Colombia Human Rights Committee, both committed to peace in Colombia. Chloe is also on the board of the Pesticide Action Network, committed to the reduction of harmful pesticides, the rejection of GMOs, and to ensuring the health of God’s people and all Creation. She is also a founding member and actor in the Bright Alchemy theater company.

Prior to coming to D.C., Chloe studied Environmental Studies and Hispanic Studies at Mills College in Oakland, California. She studied abroad on a tropical ecology and culture program in Ecuador. She returned to Oregon for two years of AmeriCorps. She worked with immigrant youth and taught environmental education. Chloe studied Latin American studies at the University of Texas-Austin. She conducted her Master’s research in a Bolivian women’s prison. She interviewed incarcerated women and mentored youth who lived with their parents in prison.

Joseph Jablonski – Economic Justice Intern

Joseph Jablonski

Hometown: Seaford, New York

School  & Major: Catholic University of America /Philosophy

Issue focus & Country Concentration: Economic Justice/Chile, New Zealand, Australia, Burma, Japan

Most looking forward to: Engaging my Catholic faith and looking at the ever-present challenges with economic issues, the care for humanity present in migration and peace and justice reform, and care for God’s beautiful creation through the environment.

Lauren Snell – Migration Intern

Lauren Snell

Hometown: Manorville, New York

School & Major: American University/ International Studies and Spanish

Issue focus & Country Concentration: Migration and U.S.-Mexico Border/Taiwan, U.S., Peru, Philippines, Ireland

Most looking forward to: Being able to apply my research into action in order to help others in need.

Qi Zhang – Environmental Justice

Qi Zhang

Hometown: Shanghai, China

School & Major: George Washington University/Masters in Public Policy

Issue Focus & Country Concentration: Pakistan, China, Britain, Japan, Korea

Most looking forward to: Applying what I learn about policy making into the real-world application and to get familiar with the policy making process.

Upcoming Dates

September 10 – Interns begin

September  10-12 – Caravan for Peace arrives to Washington, D.C. –  Solidarity and Advocacy events planned

September  19 – University of Maryland Intern Fair

September 21 – International Day of Peace