Family Prayer

September 20, 2012
A family in eastern Myanmar.

A family in eastern Myanmar.

Father, we thank You for your love and your many blessings, especially the precious gift of each other.  Help us to show our gratitude by loving each other as you love us.

Make us understanding and patient with one another – quick to admit our failings and ask forgiveness – generous in sharing the joy and strength we can give each other.

Father, give our family lively faith and the courage to share it with those around us.  Direct us to the state in life you plan for each of us, and help us to use your gifts to serve you.

We entrust our family to your fatherly care.  Preserve us from the corruption of the modern world and help us draw closer daily to you and to you and to each other, until we come to share with you the joys of Heaven.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, help us to be a holy family.