E-Journey to Election 2012 Week 1

October 23, 2012
Dear Friends in Faith,Fr. Bill Morton
Ruben Garcia, Columban friend and founder of Annunciation House in El Paso, Texas, said recently, “Until I become aware of the journey I am being asked to take, I cannot know what will be required of me.” He was referring to the dramatic change in the life
of Mexican poet and devout Catholic, Javier Sicila, who after the brutal murder of his son realized that his journey was to become a prophet and a pilgrim for reconciliation, leaving the security of his home to lead an international movement for peace, dignity,
and justice for Mexico. Neither grief, nor death threats, nor the challenges of traversing Mexico and the U.S. by bus have deterred him from his mission.

As Christians, we are all called to a journey with Jesus that requires us to take up our cross and follow in his footsteps, witnessing to God’s love and reconciliation “to the ends of the earth.” Just as Javier is, we, too, become “pilgrims” and “prophets” in this world called to participate in its transformation through prayer, action and the witness of our lives.

For the next month, the Columbans invite you to an e-journey through the election season. As baptized Catholics we embrace the call to participate fully in all the aspects of human life and community, from our families, schools and places of worship,
to our economic, political and social systems that connect us and make us members of the human family. This November we have the right and the responsibility to participate in the democratic process of electing officials to serve the common good of our nation
and local and global communities.

On this journey, we will introduce you to people and places that help us put a human face on issues that will be central to the elections. We will focus on the following issues each week:

    • October 16—Food Security and Our Global Food System
    • October 23—Economic Justice and Foreign Aid

    • October 30—Immigration and Migration of God’s People

    • November 6—Election E-Journey Comes to an end with a final reflection.

Based on our mission experience we have prioritized these issues. Each week we will share a story to demonstrate the real-life implications of these election issues and invite you to take the suggested action in pursuit of the Kingdom values presented. This
week, we invite you to develop your own list of election priorities. Find guiding questions and commit to making your list

We also encourage you to invite others on this e-journey through the election season here.

See you on the journey!

In Faith,

Father Bill Morton


US Region

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