E-Journey to Election 2012 Week 2

October 23, 2012
Dear Columban Friend,
Our daily bread provides us both with spiritual and physical nourishment. But how much do we know about where the
wheat comes from to make bread? Increasingly, grains are grown with genetically engineered seeds also called GE or GMO seeds. Columban Father Sean McDonagh describes GMOs as a fundamental attack on the understanding of life as interconnected, mutually dependent,
and a gift from God. You can act in defense of food for International Food Week.

For thousands of years farmers have collected, stored, and shared seeds each season, creating unique, local varieties and allowing for Creation to flourish. GMOs do the exact opposite.

GMOs are linked to tumors and a loss of plant biodiversity. In addition to these concerns, we are most troubled that GMOs are patented which gives corporations the right to own sources of life. No one should have ownership over Creation, which God called “good”
(Genesis 1:24.) Take action to defend God’s Creation.

GMOs threaten the livelihoods of small farmers globally by forcing them to pay onerous fees for these seed patents and compete with imports of subsidized corn and wheat from the U.S. New proposals in the House revision of the Farm Bill could make GE seeds even more prolific and with little oversight. Your vote and voice is critical for guaranteeing that whoever is elected this fall will work for a farm bill that protects small farmers and Creation. You can start with a GMO free potluck in your home or church to educate your friends and family on this issue. Find details here

Columbans across the world are engaging in projects and sharing their witness to empower farmers and local communities. In Peru, Columbans support over 600 potato farming families. In the Philippines, Columbans started a seed saving bank. At the Columban Mission
Center in El Paso, TX, a community garden provides fresh, local organic produce for various community organizations. In Washington, D.C. our JPIC ministry advocates for fair global trade and farm policies.

You too can make a difference.. Click here for materials from the Columban Center
for Advocacy and Outreach
to organize a GMO-free potluck with a free recipe and a sample letter calling for a faithful and justice-filled Farm Bill.


Amy Woolam Echeverria


Columban Center for Advocacy and Outreach

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