‘Dancing for the World’ Photo Gallery

May 5, 2010

Special thanks to Dean Patrocinio and Jeff Norton for submitting photos. To submit your own, see the link on the right.

The month of May in the Philippines is one of the most colorful and festive months of the year. Oftentimes, it is a celebration of thanksgiving, of harvesting, a time of community gathering, and above all it is the month of Mary. Every year in the Philippines the traditional Santacruzan in honor of the Blessed Mother is an occasion to invite young women to re-enact the finding of the cross during the time of St. Helena, the mother of Constantine the Great, 300 years after the death of Jesus.

This year Dancing for the World, an activity of affiliates of the Columban Missionaries, will present a Mayflower Festival similar to the traditional Filipino Santacruzan on May 22 at the Friendship Auditorium in Los Angeles, California. We will crown five of the candidates vying for the title of Mayflower Queen 2010. Following the coronation, there will be a presentation of music and dances by various groups to entertain our invited visitors, guests and supporters. There will be drawing of raffle prizes to make the evening even more enjoyable. Finally, the Festival wouldn’t be complete without everyone taking to the dance floor to enjoy the ballroom music.

Now in its sixth year, Dancing for the World continues to provide support for the valuable work of the Columban Missionaries around the world, including the Philippines. Dancing for the World was started with the idea of raising funds to help the mission and at the same time to raise awareness about mission. Dancing for the World promotes mission to those who do not know the Columban Missionaries. Founded by Fr. Arturo Aguilar, the current director of the Columban Fathers in the United States, and Ms. Carmencita Enriquez, current chairperson of Dancing for the World, the event evolved into a more active promotion of mission by helping the least fortunate of the world in countries where the Columbans are serving—among them the Philippines, Peru, Chile, Taiwan, Fiji, Korea, China, Mexico, United States, Brazil and others.

Please do join us for this exciting event on May 22 at Friendship Auditorium located at 3201 Riverside Drive, Los Angeles, CA (Riverside Dr. and Los Feliz, near Griffith Park).

For further information or tickets, please call Ms. Carmencita Enriquez at 213-422-7598 or Mr. Ariel Presbitero at 323-665-4289.

By Ariel Presbitero & Carmencita Enriquez