Celebrate Thanksgiving

By Fr. Tom Glennon
November 21, 2012

Give Thanks to Go, November Month of ThanksMy sister Diane celebrates Thanksgiving by naming a specific thing that she is thankful for each day of the month of November. I like that idea. There are at least 30 things to be grateful for in 2012.

A childhood friend, Bill, in New York recently sent an update on the devastation of super hurricane Sandy. Bill and his wife Ethel continue to stay in temporary accomodations. At the end of the letter, Bill expressed gratitude for health, family and Faith.

Each of us may have our own lists of things to be grateful for at this time of year. Columban missionaries are inevitably appreciative of the prayerful and financial support of benefactors.

The people of the Phillippines, Peru, Pakistan and Chile all experienced natural disasters during the past year. Columbans on the ground accompany the people through these calamities.

Together, let us be grateful to God who ultimately provides the strength and power to overcome the challenges that life presents both here and overseas. Some difficulties are due to poverty and injustice; others from the vargarities of nature.

Our Lord Jesus Christ died on the Cross so that we may live the fulness of life and find solidarity with others in times of pain and crisis. Let us pray in Thanksgiving for the Gift of Life and continue to share with those most in need.

With deep appreciation for the the grace of God who accompanies us on the journey of mission and life.