Columban Fathers Present at Community Event

December 4, 2012

On November 10, 2012, Columban Lay Staff attended the Latin America Community Assistance Foundation’s (LACA) annual fundraiser with long time Columban benefactors Sheila McAlinden and Lillian Trillo in Hayward, California.  The event was aptly named Chili con LACA and featured many Latin chili recipes for all to sample.  Music for the evening was provided by famed Mexican human rights proponent Fr. Javier Avila Aguirre, a Jesuit priest who lives among the Tarahumara people in Mexico.

Lillian Trillo is the founder of the LACA Foundation, and both she and Sheila McAlinden are past board presidents.  The mission of the LACA Foundation is to improve the lives of the rural poor in Latin America.

Both Lillian and Sheila are passionate about the ministry of the Columban Fathers in that part of the world and invited Columban Lay Staff to attend the event in Hayward.  It is encouraging to see so many people taking an active role in fighting for economic and social justice in Latin America and even more exciting to see Columban benefactors leading some very important efforts!