Call on Congress to Pass the DREAM Act

December 6, 2012

Congress can provide a remedy for some of the most vulnerable [immigrants]: DREAM-Act eligible youth…These youth are Americans without an America who officially calls them her own. They want to work hard and pay their way through college or serve in our military and defend American ideals. The Act rewards hard work, good moral character, education, and service to this country – all American ideals which these youth embody.

-US Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Statement in Support of the DREAM Act.


DREAMers rally in Washington, DC

Many of us know their stories. They came here at a young age with their parents, perhaps fleeing violence in their home country. They may have crossed the desert- thirsty, tired, and hungry- in search of security and a better life. For an estimated 800,000 DREAMers who bring many gifts to our communities and parishes, the DREAM Act will allow then to achieve their dream of building their lives in this country as Americans through higher education and service. Passing the DREAM Act is a critical component for a new immigration policy that ensures that our sisters and brothers who are forced to migrate, yet who work hard and contribute to our communities, are welcomed and receive the benefits of citizenship.

immigration rally United States

Rally for Immigration Reform in Washington DC

The DREAM Act paves a pathway towards citizenship for immigrant youth who arrived before they were 16 and are active members of their community. The want to serve the military and receive and education. They want to contribute to the common good.

Your faithful voice is critical for ensuring that Congress acts with compassion and grace to make DREAMs come true.

How to Submit Letters to Congress
Go to and to find your Representative and Senators by entering your zip code or state. Their names will pop up as well as a link to contact them through a web form where you can copy and paste the text of our sample letter into the form.
Sample Letter on the DREAM Act to your Senator
Sample Letter on the Dream Act to your Representative