Preparing for Birth

Fr. Tom Glennon
December 13, 2012

My sister Carol Jean and her husband Tim were told that their son to be born
may have some health issues. Some months later a healthy child was born. He went on to play four
years of high school football as a defensive end. He is a robust young man with no signs of health issues.

The concerns, expectations, hopes and desires of all parents for healthy children
would be universal. It was not any different, one would surmise, for Mary and Joseph. They,too, were waiting
and expecting. Hoping for a healthy baby born at home. Yet, the Child was born
far from home and in less than ideal conditions. Joseph and Mary shared
the patient waiting and preparing for the birth of the Son.

Missionaries walk with parents to be in impoverished areas of Peru, the Phillippines and Pakistan just to name a few countries.
They wait with the people for the truck that brings a barrel of water to the parched areas of town.
In the Phillippines, they preside over too many funerals for infants and children.

Let us pray in preparation for the Birth of the Christ Child anew in our hearts this Season.
And, let us pray for health and well-being of infants across all lands.