With God, all things are possible.

Fr. Arturo Aguilar
January 17, 2013

Fr. Arturo Aguilar

For the past six years in my ministry as the Director of the U.S. Region of Columban missionaries, I have been blessed to see the abundance of God’s grace. My ministry has brought me to every corner of the U.S., and in all places I have been met with generous and faithful Columban friends and supporters who share with us in God’s mission. I am grateful for the many sacrifices made in His name so that we may respond to the needs of our time.

In September of this year the Society held our 13th General Assembly in Los Angeles, California. It was a blessed gathering where as a Society we discerned the voice of the Spirit, articulating our vision and leadership for the next six years. We believe that we are being called to communion, to be in relationships that cross boundaries and to reveal the face of God in the other.

I have been invited by the Society to serve on our General Council as the From the Director By Fr. Arturo Aguilar Vicar General for the next six years. I see this new ministry as an opportunity to continue to serve the Society in much the same way that I have served the U.S. Region. That is, in a spirit of collaboration, to seek ways to build relationships and to invite others to join us in mission.

I want to thank you for the many ways we have journeyed together over these past six years, and I ask for your continued support and prayers. Soon you will be introduced to the new U.S. Regional Director, and I am confident that you will welcome him with the same love and generosity you have shared with me.

With God, all things are possible. In closing, I share with you an excerpt of a popular song which is sung during the month of December and the festivities of Our Lady of Guadalupe which has marked my mission spirituality of hope.

Adios, oh Virgen madre querida.
Eres mi encanto, eres mi vida.
Dulce esperanza,
Dulce esperanza, en mi dolor.
Adios, oh Madre, la mas amable.
Aqui te dejo mi Corazon.
Adios oh Virgen incomparable
Dame, Senora, dame, senora tu bendicion.

Farewell, oh mother Virgin.
You are my delight, you are my life.
You are my sweet hope,
You are my sweet hope in my struggles and my strife.
Farewell oh beloved Mother.
I give you my heart.
Farewell oh Virgin beyond compare
Bless me, Our Lady, Bless me.

I invite you to reflect on the ways your cultural roots have shaped your faith and how mission invites us to find God both in our own cultural heritage and in the experience of Christ revealed in others. Our journey of hope continues together. May this Christmas season bring you and your loved ones the joy of Jesus’ birth, a birth which reveals that with God all things are possible.

God bless.