The Path is Made by Walking

January 24, 2013

From the time a child begins to ask “why” about everything he sees, life is an endless series of questions. Some questions have little impact as in, “Do you want fries with that?”
Other questions are more serious: “What can we do to keep kids off drugs?” or “What is your opinion about the treatment of migrant workers?

Still other questions and their answers are life changing: “Will you marry me?” or “Is it cancer? Are you sure?”

In the Gospel of St. Mark, Jesus poses a life altering question to Simon Peter and the disciples:
“Who do you say that I am?” Simon’s inspired response identified Jesus as who He truly is.
“You are the Christ!” he said, “Son of the Living God.”

That affirmed that Simon was a believer and a willing disciple. His desire to follow Jesus would be sorely tested. He had strong impulses and saint though he was, he had his failures. But he walked his path steadfastly and became a “rock of faith.”

There is a saying, “The path is made by walking”.

Each day, life silently poses questions to us about our path:
“Who are you exactly?”
“What is important to you?”
“Who is most dear to you?”
“What do you believe in?”

Our responses will vary but each answer will constitute another step on our own journey.

Our actions and attitudes say with precision who we are, what we think is truly important. Daily choices take us each further toward the destination where our questions will meet their answer.

Fr. John Burger is the vice director of the U.S. region of the Society.