This Lent Become Ambassadors of God

February 13, 2013

For the next six weeks of Lent we are called to examine in a special way our relationship with God, others and the world around us. Throughout this journey, we are reminded that God is inviting us to receive the graces of forgiveness, healing and reconciliation. In particular, through the Sacrament of Reconciliation we are able to unburden ourselves and receive the unconditional compassion and forgiveness of God. This rediscovery of ourselves as the beloved children of God frees our minds, our hearts and hands so that we can be more generous in our service of our brothers and sisters.

Thanks to your unfailing prayerful support and generosity, Columban missionaries around the world continue to minister to the poor, the forgotten, the abused and the marginalized. As “ambassadors of God” during this Lenten season, Columban priests continue to help those that society has deemed “the least among us” to experience God’s deep and abiding love through their ministry of forgiveness, healing and reconciliation.

Thank you for your continued support. We hold you in prayer throughout Lent, hoping that you too experience the healing gift of God’s love and forgiveness in your life.

Fr. Tim Mulroy