Columban Center for Advocacy and Outreach

Catholic University Students Reflect on their Border Experience

June 12, 2013


Catholic University group bikes around El Paso for a day to visit organizations that serve the immigrant community.

The last week of May, a group of students on a border immersion experience at the Columban Border Center in El Paso, Texas led by Columban Father Bob Mosher. Here are some quotes that sum up some of their thoughts on the experience:

“It made me realize that each one of us is an immigrant or descendent of immigrants.  Most importantly, all I can think of after learning so much about the violence in Mexico is:  “of course they want to come here.”  As we are all closely tied with immigration, we need to make it easier for our brothers and sisters to seek refuge in the US like our families did.”

“It brought in focus the true cost of all the issues.  Immigration is a multi-faceted issue, & the visits illustrated the struggles and how the journey does not end at the border.”

“The visits revealed the extent to which US immigration policy is broken, and that millions of innocent and hardworking people are suffering due to the drug war and violence in Mexico.  Glad to see all of the work being done to help alleviate the suffering.”